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C.da Salare di Casebianche, 73
Roccafluvione - AP
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Trekking, walking in nature, and mountain bike (available by reservation). ): our Hill is the ideal starting point for those who want to set off for a few hours of direct contact with uncontaminated environment of the Sibillini Mountains.

Wild animals such as deer and wild boar, the typical vegetation of the Central Italy and the crisp, clear air of the hills that become mountains: all contribute to restore the feeling of an immersive dive into the green, in a habitat that changes according to the seasons (by the way: we are open all year!).

You can choose the difficulty of the itinerary (there's even a ring of approximately half an hour all inside the property that is waiting for you! ...).

In Spring in a corner of the our Hill, (so in complete safety), you can go to grasp wild asparagus, smaller and tastier than those planted, that you can then cook slowly, once back in the farmhouse.

The visit to Tartufaia: the land of our woods is known to be particularly suitable for the growth of the black truffle, a absolute star on our tables.

Of course you need to have shrewdness to visit the site, but we think we can also offer this opportunity to "encounter" with the territory: a guided tour of at least one day a week on the ground prepared to truffle, with one of our truffle dogs.

There will also, if required, a Final Snack: a taste of the generous gastronomy of Piceno. Moreover we are ready to meet all your idea related to the table, preparing together with you, or for you, according to your needs, all that the wood-burning oven, built on the stairway to the farmhouse, can crank out or by using the barbecue area near the entrance.

The outdoor pool is set in the middle of the hill, its structure characterizes our entire range of accommodation, serves as background, precious and quiet for your stay.

The swimming pool, paved in a workmanlike, measuring 5 x 11 meters, works without the need for chlorine (ie in electrolysis) and it can be used for a toning bath as soon as weather conditions permit.